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Profiles in Statistical Courage team
The Authors (from left to right):

Fritz Scheuren (Professor), Brent Willig, Lia Katz,
Matthew Rae, Basema Maki, Daniel Lee,
Will Hayes, Christina Lee, Robert Dehaan,
Ali Mushtaq (Professor)

George Washington University
Spring 2012 Survey Management Class

  It is my great honor and privilege to submit this web-book from the Spring 2012 Graduate Survey Management Class at the George Washington University (GWU). The course was led by Ali Mushtaq and I and was, as in past GWU classes in this series, a place to share and deepen existing leadership and managership insights in a survey-going setting.

As an experiment, this year the GWU students in teams of two, conducted interviews with distinguished members in the survey field: Ivan Fellegi (Canada), David Hemson (South Africa), Arthur Kennickell (United States), and Lars Lyberg (Sweden).

The leaders chosen by the students, were, coincidentally, all male (even though three of the eight students in the class were women). Maybe, in a subsequent class (if we do this again) all the leaders chosen may be women.

Credit for the work goes first, obviously to the Interviewees and interviewers but also to Dr. Mary Batcher who was interviewed by the whole class in a pilot effort, so the approach could be tested and refined.

The 1956 book each student got as a guide/template was by John Fitzgerald Kennedy, entitled Profiles in Courage. To echo that choice we are using as the working title here. Profiles in Statistical Courage.

For those of you reading a paper copy of this "book," the URL of the online edition is: www.StatisticalCourage.info

.Fritz Scheuren

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